Define “Perfect” in Perfect Male

As I begin to gather attention for what these notes will hold, people will begin to become speculative on what level of perfection am I actually referring to. Well before any of that ever starts, I would like to address the dilemma first hand.

Indeed, perfection itself is merely relative to the person to whom it is trying to transgress. The same is with beauty, or peace, or even love. The thing is that for each particular woman the idea of ‘perfect’ in a man may vary from time to time, even though in general, females do tend to have certain tastes they do share, but which I would like to delve into later on.

The whole idea is to become a visionary. To be able to see beyond what is actually there and understand that if you fulfill certain basic needs and a few particular desires any woman may have, you will acquire the highly regarded status of an ideal mate.

To do this we will proceed by describing personalities of both genders to analyze exactly to what personal characteristics each one has an allure to.

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