Enthrallment of the Tough Guy Personality

It is this type which Charles Darwin was referring to when he wrote: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” And as true as it may be, this particular class of male enjoys of an idiosyncratic, almost fearless attitude. Or at least that’s the image they wish to inspire.

When considering matters for this type of personality, we might agree that their status in society is quite respectable. It may be that some are not the brightest or even the better looking, but what they do have is a way with things. When females seek for an adequate mate they look for particular characteristics, as in the ability of the male to provide protection and a propitious environment for the bringing up of their offspring. Of course, times are changing now and women do not only seek for security in a man. In this day in age, where progressive, post-modern women are on the rise, the desire to make a difference has been instilled in this new breed of females. A deep connection with their male counterparts may inspire the confidence to take that step, even though this personality would not be the most reliable for that connection.

Endless hours in the gym to improve external appearance is not likely to be something a tough guy would do. They’d go to the gym to improve strength above all. For this matter it is important to realize that there might exist certain personalities which gather particular characteristics of more than one archetype. We will dedicate a complete post to this aspect for better understanding in the future.

Tough guys in general tend to be quite unpredictable. Acting on instinct may be something they are no strangers to. Having this, may be a good reason why some women find them so appealing. An adrenaline rush can well be a good way to keep a woman on her toes.

The past is something essential to this type of personality. It is what has molded them to be what they are. Of course this does not apply only to them, but we all know a good story may actually add credibility to what someone stands for.

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