The Perfect Male Blog

Let this be the beginning of what I believe will be a catalyst in the course of human society in general. It will be the birth of realization towards the essence of being the perfect male.

For long years it has only been a select group of people who have been able to acquire the necessary perspective of what particularly makes a person more desirable than others. And yes, it goes beyond looks and appearance, it is a state of mind.

The reason I have finally decided to come forth is because I believe that the feminine figure and all it pertains to is one of the most enigmatic creations in the history of the world. So let this be it, letters in praise of women and our acquisition towards their understanding.

As soon as time becomes available I will expect to fill these pages with the secrets of what goes on in the minds of women, what they seek, what is infinitely that which provides them pleasure. The task is not easy, if it wore that way, everyone would be the bearers of such unique abilities. And that is simply not the point, for it is the exclusivity which provides the head start.

I think it is important, regarding matters of clarity, that I begin my discussion considering that my readers are completely decadent social personas. With that I will achieve to prevent any loopholes from being uncovered.

With that being said, I await until my next note, and hope that all which these letters will bring will be only positive things.

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