Allure of the Computer Geek Personality

Continuing with our weekly posts, we now make way to an emerging breed of male personality. Particularly I would like to refer to that specific archetype which engages in endless hours of either sitting in front of a computer or the aimless pursuit of video games. Yes! I said it! Video games are indeed, an aimless pursuit (in most cases). But still, whether it is persistence, the love of a challenge, or bluntly the lack of an adequate social life, in this day in age, computer geeks go a long way.

I do not wish to use computer geek as a derogatory term, more importantly I would like to use this description to be able to specify which type of male I am actually referring to. Just as the tough guy personality requires a long life of experience, the computer geek is in need of virtues like patience and humility.

Of course, it is not all roses and vanilla for these males; the social aptitudes a computer geek has are far from being that of a perfect male's one. Don't get me wrong, the fact that they spend so much time away from social possibilities doesn’t mean that they are inadvertently unable to make friends. Quite on the contrary, they usually attract into their lives the type of people which they ultimately wish to interact with.

It is obvious that confidence levels compared to the other types is not as prominent. On the positive side, the fact that they spend so much time by themselves has so many intangible benefits which other people wouldn't even dream of having. Still, being a computer geek doesn't really guarantee being successful at any level. No particular type of personality really guarantees that. Even though, some may have an advantage over others.

What females find attractive about this type of persona could be their ideas and the way their brains work. When before we mentioned the post-modern, progressive female which was in search of a deeper connection, this personality could possibly be one of those windows.

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