The Enchanting Ways of Love

It is the end of the world as we know it and you are bestowed upon with one of the greatest responsibilities in the history of humanity. You are offered the opportunity to decide of all things ever experienced, material and intangible by men and women alike, is there anything which you would consider worth saving? 
Some may agree that music is one of the most beautiful and unifying entities ever created by man. Others, may pledge their word to honor for its unequal capability to reign the world accordingly. And still, a few will persist in the preservation of art for its inspiring mystique.
But then a question may endure: What about love? Will music, honor, or even art be as meaningful if it weren't for love? Would you still be motivated to feel the music, honor your heart, or grasp inspiration from art? I think not. 
For it is love, in its every form, which moves us, makes us look forward to tomorrow.
If you are ever in this position and you are asked this question, you should choose love. Not because I tell you, but because deep inside, you knew the answer all along. 
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