The Unconventional Scene

       Whether it is last minute shopping at the supermarket, cultural night at an art exhibit, or simply wandering through the aisles of the local bookstore all these places share in common one thing: When meeting new people which you have no relation whatsoever, an endeavor at any of these locations comes as highly unexpected. And by no relation, I mean having no friends in common either. Most people take for granted the potential of meeting people where they are not used to. In this case, we may even dare to call the unconventional scene a real diamond in the rough.
       The magic of approaching a person in this scene, lies in the element of surprise which is achieved by such a feat. For example, lets imagine you decide to take a look in a local art exhibit because there will be an exposition of some of the paintings from Van Gogh. A well renowned artist of which you have a mild idea that you wish to improve.
     As you start off the tour with your first painting, many things attract your attention. You start asking yourself all these questions, How long does it take to make a painting like this? Is talent the fact that you can create something new or that you can create something nobody can? You remember that the great British philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer had some words about talent, “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see”. In the midst of all this debating in your head, suddenly a woman comes in and starts looking at the same painting you are. She looks like just your type and get a little bit nervous and distracted with her presence, but then you realize that she is not expecting anything from you, so there really is no reason for such unwanted feelings.
      After a while and when you have calmed yourself down enough you decide to try out a conversation, “My favourite thing about this painting is how he is able to combine the colors in such a way that it almost looks realistic, whats yours?” She may give you an answer or she may not, but if she's there already it is because she is indeed interested. With that you have already found common grounds and conversation after that may come easily. What may ensue, is really up to each male in deciding the direction where he wants to take things. Of course, taking into consideration the female is interested in such a direction. 
     Just like this example, the scenario may apply to when you're waiting in line at the grocery store or when you are both walking in the same aisle of a bookstore. It is easy to make conversation when you can relate to each other. Having that in mind, the range of possibilities might be infinite.  
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