Women With An Attitude

Play the song for around 45 seconds when you reach the middle of the post, before you continue reading, to maximize the effect. . 
    Imagine one night you walk into a bar, after a long stroll through some of those unfamiliar places of the city you always lived in. As you enter, you notice it to be quite picturesque and seem slightly surprised. You see an open table in front of a large stage and go for it. As you look around, the people match the theme of the bar. Fedoras, quaint scarves, and a variety of accessories which decorate the people as much as they decorate the entire scene. 
     The curtains to the stage are closed and the music is being played to allow conversation. A woman with a tray approaches you and asks:
     “So what will it be?”
You smile at her for being so direct and as she smiles back, you say:
     “Whiskey on the rocks”
     All of the sudden, noise starts coming from behind the curtain. As if people are organizing things for the next act. You really don't know what to expect from a place like the one you're in.
     A glass with freezing ice and an invigorating liquid finally reaches your fingers, and as you're about to have the first sip, the curtains open and this comes out:

     You think to yourself, "What a pleasant surprise, Heidi Klum look-a-like with an attitude". You're impressed at how, regardless of the place being far from packed, they come out and give it their all. 
     Finally some whiskey touches your lips and as you put the glass back down, you notice the woman guitarist next to the lead singer looking at you. Trying not to give away your disposition, you act as if you were distracted by someone coming in. 
     The band plays a couple of other songs and by the time they are finished, so has your whiskey. They go off the stage and have a seat at a table surrounded by a mild applause. You wait until they are settled in and walk towards them. As you are about to reach them, the lead singer notices you and smiles. By the time you're about to open your mouth the attention is on you. With a relaxed attitude you say,
     "That may surely be one the best performances I have seen in a long time"
     You look at the lead singer and add, "You did really good up there" and with a smile you start walking around the table towards the woman guitarist and ask,
      "Hey whats your name?"
      "Hey Jenny, I would like to buy you a drink"
      Not only will she be surprised, because she is used to the lead singer always getting all the attention, but also she may be hesitant for the same reason. By acting casually and confidently you inspire her to say:
      "Sure, grab a seat"
      - Lead singers are not always the best choice. Try to look beyond what you have directly in front and you will reap the benefits not many are worthy of. 
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