10 Things About Women All Men Should Know

     In light that the opposite sex plays such a demanding role in the lives of each and every one of us, I have created a list of 10 things about what women share in common. With this, you will not only be provided with an edge, but also you will be seen with awe in relation of your understanding of a woman’s mind. After all, there aren’t many men out there who can actually adhere to that claim.
  1. Women are Emotional:
Needless to say we have all found ourselves in a situation where sometimes our female counterparts behave in a somewhat irrational way. The explanation to this is that women tend to be very emotional and let their reactions be led by the everlasting outbursts of feelings they constantly go through. In arguments, it is better for us men to try to calm things down in order to keep ourselves and them from doing things we might regret later.
  1. Women have a Wild Side:
If you play your cards right you might get a chance to unveil this aspect of women which all of us yearn profoundly. The key to this approach is to try to work on an impulse and if timing is right, we might get exactly what we want. Note that when getting this side of women, most of them reach limits that even they might even be surprised they had.
  1. Women Value the Importance of Details:
Who Doesn’t?  But sometimes we forget about it and that is one good reason why we find ourselves lagging in this element of great importance; holding her hand, winking an eye, even cooking for her are all ideas of things that don’t require much of an effort, but go a long way.
  1. Women Like it When Men Lead:
Should we have Italian or Mexican? Should we go out dancing or to chill at a bar? Should we watch this movie or that? On a daily basis, we men are challenged with all these questions, and to be honest, we must try not to hesitate under any circumstance. We should have an opinion and stick to it, unless proven otherwise. It just gives them a sense of security to know they are with someone who knows what he wants.
  1. Women are Critical of Themselves:
Believe it or not, most women are filled with insecurities. They can look at themselves in the mirror and find the slightest detail that they do not like which most people will never notice and feel as if everyone does. After checking themselves out so much, they had to find something! So be aware that most women will be looking for some type of validation in order to cover up those insecurities. Humor them sometimes, but only if you really mean it.
  1. Women Still Believe in Love at First Sight:
Deep inside every woman there is this idea of a man they have devised, that holds all the qualities and facial features each has ever dreamed of. They hope that one day this man, out of the blue, will appear and embark them on the ride of a lifetime. Truth is, most do find that love, only in a slightly altered form of that same vision they had all their lives.
  1. Women Like to Test the Men They Like:
Sometimes they may play hard to get, acting as if they are not interested in you at all. By placing you this type of hurdles, women are testing you to see how genuinely interested you really are. If you go through it, with as much patience without losing your cool you might be on the right track. Be cautious though, some women do tend to test men too much and later have regrets about it.
  1. Women Have Periods:
Believe it or not, women’s menstrual cycle plays an important role in the lives of females in general. After all, they do have it every month, and sometimes have to plan around it in order to be ahead of things. Treat them thoughtfully around these days, in order to avoid any type of irrational behaviour.  And by irrational I mean, emotional.
  1. Women Like Surprises:
When you surprise a woman, you keep her on her toes. When she no longer knows what to expect from you, it is what will intrigue her in the future to be more interested in you.
  1. Women Like When Things Just Happen:
When you are about to kiss a woman or would like to have casual sex with your mate it is better if you work your way towards it. Having to ask for things may actually ruin the moment, therefore the interest wanes.
            Even though most of the things on this list, you probably thought you already knew, they are usually the first things we forget when dealing with women. So try by giving it a good read, or even memorizing it, that way you will always be two steps ahead when it comes to understanding the psyche of the enchanting ways the feminine mystique has.
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