Beauty Fades

     Many emerging artists have used YouTube as a platform to launch their careers. Some have been successful and others have....well they have been left wanting. A while back, I came across this powerful rendition by a very talented musician. Her name is Terra Naomi. 
      The added effect she gives with her body language is just impeccable. Now, let's give a little bit of thought to what this woman writes about. 
    In this day in age, we are bombarded with the idea that beauty lies in the surface of things. We have developed an infatuation for the first thing that excites our eyes and not our brains. When will we start valuing things for what they really are, rather than for what they seem to be? 
      Yes, I know...Where will the poetry, music, and imagination go if we start looking at things objectively? Believe me when I tell you, they will all surely be around by then, but in an evolved (who knows?) even far more elegant way. 
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