The Knight in Shining Armor

Let's go back in time to that point in your adolescence when you were asked to write an essay of what you wanted to be when you grew up. As you received instructions, possibilities crowded your mind. The thought of different important men in the history of the world focused your attention and as you gathered outstanding qualities from each, you meticulously devised your future.

Now then, imagine that around ten years later, all turned out exactly the way you envisioned and you have become the charming, successful man you fervently dreamed about. In your social network, the term eligible bachelor has been annexed to your persona and the young think of you as the ultimate role model. Everything seems to be in place for you to live that life you always wanted to have.

It has not come easy though, and life experience has shown you to be humble and appreciative of your accomplishments. Many times you may have found yourself without strength in front of a tall, brick wall and giving up might have crossed your mind on an occasion or two.

Several people have come and gone throughout your time. Some have stayed longer than others, and some have disappeared completely. You have fallen in love. Oh yes, you have fallen in love. And it seems to you, that by now, you could have any woman you could possibly want.

Over the years, pop culture has been the one in charge of conditioning our ways in this realm of social interaction. On general terms, we have been taught that males are expected to conquer and amass as many women as they can, in order to be validated for their manhood. Since the beginning of time, this has been the leading trend, even though most only fantasize about it, once they settle down. In this matter, I am afraid, pop culture has been inherently deviant.

In the early years, you could have had a girl for which you would've lassoed the moon and all the stars. You would have given your own life for her. The only problem being, she did not want you back. And now that you have everything you ever wished for, you might have an easier time at getting her. Now the important question here is, what if you would've fought for her back then? Would it have been worth your time? Let me give you a little secret: Everlasting love is born from a woman falling for the essence of who you are and not for what you represent. If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to prove yourself to a woman to achieve her love, realize that the relationship you will harvest will very likely be a short lived one, or even worse it will have a foundation on weak grounds.

Do not let pop culture tell you what type of a man you should be, instead be the knight in shining armor for a woman who will appreciate the whole of you. The weaknesses, the abilities, even the goofiness, just know that you can rest assured that what you have now is indeed pure, in every possible way.
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