Laughter as a Cure to Anything

     I have still to meet a person who does not find pleasure in laughing. I believe it is mainly because this response is connected to parts of the brain related with pleasure just like food and sex are. This reflex increases respiration and after heavy bouts of laughter, our blood pressure is lowered. It reduces stress. 
      Robert Mankoff, a cartoonist of the New Yorker, analyzed the physiological long-term effects in an interview: "In terms of actual longevity, it seems like people with really good sense of humor, jolly people, live a little shorter. They’re not so sober sighted serious that they’re reading every Jane Brody column on our diet and following it, and so you know they might not make it to 93 maybe just 87 but just have a lot better time doing it."
     Here, I share with you some stress-relieving video inductions to laughter:
      And if that didn't get you started, take a look at yet another good source of the revitalizing reflex:
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