The Art of Tipping

Almost every time you go to a place where a particular service is provided (coffee shop, market, bistro, laundry, etc.) you’ll customarily find a jar, near the cash register, that says “Tips are Welcome” or “Thank you for your tips”. This might sometimes be a little confusing; it might be the first time you come to this place, or maybe you were just thinking of going for a quick purchase. You may think to yourself, while looking at the half-empty jar, “No one really leaves any tips, why should I?”

Sometimes giving the slightest tip might help you from getting the average, usual treatment to the extra-special, VIP one. For example, yesterday evening I went to the supermarket to get a couple of things I needed. In my buying list there was meat and chicken, so I went to the section where the butcher was and asked him for what I needed. It wasn’t the first time I went there and from previous occasions I’d seen that people gave the butcher a small tip. With that, they were granted the VIP treatment for which they received the best of whichever they asked for. So, this time, when he gave me what I wanted and told me that it was fresh meat, I gave him a considerable tip and said, “Thanks, see you next time”.

Now if you see, I just didn’t give him a tip, I gave him something, which assured me the best service next time I came around. This way, the butcher will always prioritize my visit and provide me only with the best. Now this is one example, but the art of tipping expands to all other realms of service providers. In coffee shops you regularly attend, just by placing a tip in the jar, the persons working their will remember you and the minute you walk in, they maybe even have your favorite coffee ready, if that is what you wished.

Now, as it is accustomed in most service businesses, people really depend on the tips they get throughout the day, especially since sometimes they even don’t earn minimum wage. By being nice and giving them proper tips, the next time you come visit their establishment, they will treat you like a real VIP. And of course, this not only benefits you, but also the people you are with.
So to wrap things up: Give generous tips to people in places you often visit. Use your charming attitude to your advantage to get special offers and discounts. And remember, every one likes a tip every now and then, even if it’s not in the form of money, but of a more transcending prospect like knowledge would be.
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