Know When You Are Being Lied To

A study has shown that  university students lie to their mothers 50% of the time and to strangers 77% of the time. There was nevertheless, no difference when it comes to defining a population according to gender on who lies the most. With romantic partners it seems also that 1/3 of conversations are lies as well.

The most common thing people tend to lie about are affairs. In fact, it has been shown that when it comes to knowing who the real parents of a baby are, 10 to 15% may be wrong. Venture capitalist have even seen a marketable product with lying and have developed a website to HELP people lie. It's called The Alibi Network and depending on your needs you can hire them for pretty much everything you would ever need to make your lie credible.

Now then, with all this lying going on around you and with such great elaborate ways to deceive you even more, wouldn't you prefer knowing the truth? In 1966 Haggard and Isaacs demonstrated how they discovered micromomentary expressions while analyzing psychotherapy films looking for indications of non-verbal communication. Later on in 1992, Paul Ekman published a book with new findings on the topic of microexpressions. He demonstrated that these expressions tend to occur in 1/15 of a second and usually depict the true emotions a person is going through. He  also showed, that no matter where in the world you find yourself, there exists seven universal expressions which are described in the pictures below.

But do we really want to go through life being human lie detectors? I mean the occasional white lie does bring more good things than bad, does it? Here I provide with information to do either one. You can take this as an interesting set of facts or you can go and research a little bit more. I can even point you in the right direction if that is what you want, but in the end of the day, it really just is up to you. 

In my opinion, I like to have things as they really are. No sugar coated, no cherry on top. I take what I have and I make the best of it. And to be able to know what I have, I prefer the truth. 
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