Read People's Eyes

We tend to believe that our best means of expression is our mouth, but we forget that sometimes our mouth says the opposite of what our mind is thinking. And when it comes to communicating with people, it is quite rewarding when you are capable of actually perceiving what the other person is trying to tell you, without having to rely completely on the words they are saying.

Here, I have put together an exercise to see how well you can tell how a person is feeling towards you with just their eyes. Take a close look to the pictures below:
Now match each of the following words with a set of eyes: Playful, Uneasy, Sympathetic, Interested, Fantasizing, Desire, and Confident. Post your answers in the comments section and in a few I will give you the answers. If you have all of them right, rest assured that you have a knack at reading people and have an advantage when it comes to telling how a social context feels towards you. 
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