Body Language (Hand Gestures)

Since the beginning of time non verbal communication has been greatly underrated for it's subtle way of delivering itself. In the course of our social interactions it is critical that we are aware of the impression we are giving off with our body, just as it is important to know what we are being told entirely. We gathered a few gestures for this first post, but will very likely include the wide range variety of them later in the future. 

Face Resting on Clasped Hands
Whether you are at a restaurant or at some other table and the woman you are talking to adopts the following hand gesture, then you are probably doing something right. She will place her face on top of her hands as if it was there for you to admire. Indeed, just by her leaning forward to you, you can tell she is interested in what it is you have to say. 

Hands Behind Back
Walking with this hand gesture is usually common among people in a position of authority, let it be royalty, policeman patrolling, or senior military personnel for that matter. Some of the emotions that may be exemplified by this expression are superiority, confidence, and power. The person is exposing his stomach, heart, and face embodying a posture of fearlessness.

Hand Behind Back Gripping Wrist/Arm
This, on the other hand, means slightly the opposite. It is signaling a sense of frustration and somewhat an attempt at self control. The higher one hand grips the other arm, the higher the degree of such unwanted feelings. 

Displaying the Thumbs
Whether you believe it or not, thumbs denote superiority, but not of the imposing type. This hand gesture is typically used by the cool guy personality archetype. It sometimes may come as an implicit gesture when hands are in the back pockets. In the past, women were rarely seen using their thumbs, until they started using pants in the 1960s. 

Open your eyes then and start paying attention to these ubiquitous details. You will be surprised by how much more your learn from a person's body language, rather than for what they are saying. 
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