How to Appreciate Fine Art

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have been invited to an art exhibit, or by a matter of chance had ended up at one and did not know what exactly to do while being there? Well today we will give you some pointers on how to enjoy this magnificent realm of this ever so intriguing and unique purging of emotions. 

I am an adept believer that art is ubiquitous. It is in the tiniest particles of what makes up the nuisance creation of dust to the most elaborate schemes Vincent Van Gogh might have used to fathom "Starry Night Over the Rhone". Look, going to an art exhibit may or may not be your thing, but what you should know is that the more things you have in your life that bring you joy, the better your chances are at being happy. So give it a try, believe me when I tell you, you have more things to earn than to lose. 

Okay, so first of all, go for what you like. Scan the exhibit and look for one that may appeal to your senses. Now, if it is a painting, look at it up close then step back. Pay close attention to the brush strokes and try to imagine how the artist delicately decided the fate of his brush every time it touched the canvas. If the piece were a sculpture, circle around it and find different angles to reveal an even more intricate design. Think why certain instruments and materials might have been used. Ask yourself why exactly do you find this specific artwork so appealing? You may be able to find out a thing or two about yourself with this. Sometimes you can even try to place the piece into context to try and understand why it was so special for it's time. 

Regardless of what you actually do while contemplating art, I leave you with a powerful quote from Robert Henri in "The Art Spirit:
"The man who has honesty, integrity, the love of inquiry, the desire to see beyond, is ready to appreciate good art. He needs no one to give him an art education; he is already qualified. He needs but to see pictures with his active mind, look into them for the things that belong to him, and he will find soon enough in himself an art connoisseur and an art lover of the first order." 
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