The Importance of a Fragrance (How to Choose and Apply)

It's always nice to look good, dress nice, have the appropriate hair cut, clean shoes, etc., but you also have to take in mind and be aware of the fragrance you use. Sure, sometimes we only buy the bottle because its from a well known house or because of the publicity it has. Sometimes this might work, yet when choosing a perfume you are not only choosing a scent to smell good, but also an elixir that goes with you and your personality. Think of it like an accessory that will compliment you. And since this is something you have to use only one of your senses to choose, it is important that you rely on your nose and not the appearance of the product you are buying.

The different types:
  • Floral Fragrances: scents of various flowers, most commonly rose, lily, jasmine and others. Mixed with scents like vanilla, they create a lighter fragrance. Most of the fragrances in the market today are floral fragrances. These are the ones mostly preferred by women.
  • Citrus fragrances: These have the fragrances of fruits like lime, lemon and mandarin. They create a refreshing aroma. Perfect for summer when going to an open area like a park, or simply for the weekend. Some of these fragrances may also help you feel more energized, thanks to its citrus aromas.
  • Oriental fragrances: They are made from spices, resins, amber etc. They are widely used for creating exotic aromas. Perfect for the night.
Now, how to choose the right one. This always comes as somewhat difficult, but here are a few tips that can help you with your choice.
  • Think small: when buying a fragrance or more than one, keep in mind that the life span of it is 12 months. So when that time is up, its time to buy a new bottle. You don't really want to wear a stale perfume.
  • Test in increments: before buying, always test it in yourself, and always test two at a time, one for each arm. Then give it some time for the fragrance to grow on you, take a small walk. If you like what you feel, then that's the fragrance for you. It also helps to get a second opinion, specially from a woman.
  • Small amounts are always better: don't waste half of the bottle all over your body. One hit on each side of the neck and one on your wrist will do the work just fine. After all, you don't want to overdo the whole fragrance experience.
  • Have at least two scents. Like I said before, the fragrance must be like an accessory of your wardrobe. And for that you should always have at least a couple of different aromas to wear. Also, keep changing them as the seasons passes. In spring and summer, something fresher; autumn and winter, something a little bit heavier.
  • It's always good to apply the fragrance right after you have taken a bath, since your pores are more open allowing the perfume to be soaked in.
  • Don't spray any fragrance near jewelry since it can strip them, removing their coating.
  • Always try any fragrance first on your skin. You might have heard about the skins acidity, or PH, and it really does affect on how the fragrance will smell on you and how long will it last. Some fragrances will be more sweet or more citric, depending on the PH base your skin has.
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