The Perfect Male Etiquette

It seems that now-a-days the gentleman breed is slowly fading away, caving into a more modern form of a deviated misconception of how a man should behave in a social context. Here, at The Perfect Male Blog, we are committed with the idea of enforcing certain values that enlighten the prospect of becoming that real man which is successful in the various realms of human life, but does not forget the importance of living a moral one. So read forward and uncover what the perfect male etiquette is all about:

A few valuable pointers to keep in mind wherever you go.
     - Stand up straight and be attentive of your surroundings
     - Always be on time.
     - When tipping, be discrete and show your real appreciation. 
     - Never brag about what you own. 
     - Never lose your temper.

Towards Women
Some may feel as if it is a sign of weakness to engage in any of the next suggestions, even some outspoken feminists might campaign against it, but remember that with the right degree of confidence and while you imply your intentions and not impose them, it will very likely be that in the end, things will work out in your favor.
     - Open car doors, lobby doors, and all types of doors for them.
     - Offer to carry their packages.
     - Be a good listener. 
     - Offer to pay the bill, but never argue. Reach and agreement that satisfies 
        all present. 
     - Pick up items they might have dropped. 

At the Table
Keeping in mind the next set of recommendations might earn you some points in your representation of being a classy and charming man. 
     - Stand up when greeting         
     - Address people on both your left and right side.
     - Do not speak with food in your mouth.
     - After using your knife, put it down.
     - Do not reach for something across someone.

At a Social Environment
And last, but not least, three important tips to take into account to avoid being seen as uneducated or simply plain rude. 
     - Acknowledge all acquaintances.
     - Do not be caught constantly looking at your watch.
     - Avoid gossiping and politically incorrect jokes.

Feel free to add more recommendations of your own, to make this list far more practical than it already is.
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