The Perfect Male Attitude

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Over the past months, we have had various posts in which we mention the importance of having the right attitude, yet we have still to delve a little deeper in what that attitude really is all about. So here we would like to lay forth a list to enable a broader perspective on the topic:
  • Be Genuine and Humble
    • The traits that rule them all. At some point in your life, you must concede with the fact that there is no need in boasting about your possessions and talents to others. If you think you feel the need to do so, then you are only lying to yourself, because the people you will attract into your life will only be interested in what you represent and not the essence of who you are. Bertrand Russel, winner of the 1950's Noble Prize in Literature, once said:
      "I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong"
  • Never Let Your Emotions Get to You
    • When you lose your temper, you may only be opening the door to your insecurities. Get a hold of yourself and try to maintain objectivity. In arguments, be calm with your responses. The moment a person starts to raise their voice is only because they are insecure about what they believe. 
  • In a Social Context: Always Be Here and Now
    • In this day in age, technology has taken its toll on social interaction. Whether it's your Blackberry or iPhone which is hogging your attention, there is nothing as rude as telling the people you are with, that you prefer to be somewhere else. Pay attention to your surroundings, have a feel of things and you might even come off as charming. 
  • Exude Confidence
    • This is a tricky one. There is a big difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance is confidence without humility. When you carry yourself with confidence in your everyday routine, not only is it noticeable to the people around you, but also the decisions you take feel far more appealing. 
  • Have Empathy
    • Constantly be trying to put yourself in other people's shoes. It helps you understand everyone a lot better. And when you understand things, you can act accordingly more effectively. 
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By sharing these traits in your behavior, you will begin to develop a different image of your persona, which will come off as far more charming and engaging. Start out with a couple of these, if not all of them, and you will see that they are indeed effective. 
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