The Post Modern, Progressive Woman

Since the beginning of time, the vast majority of women who have populated the earth have shared in common one thing in what they desire to find in their male companions, and that is: Security. They have sought for a way to conceive a safe environment suitable to ensure that in some way the lives of their children will be somewhat better than their own. And even though, this has been the way of the world for the past few millennia, it does not necessarily mean the pattern will endure for the coming future.

Slowly, over the past decades, we have been avid spectators of the surge of women in society. We have experienced the birth of a particular breed of female that no longer is in need of a man to achieve her goals in life. Instead, they have been arduous seekers of the capacity to genuinely make a difference in the world and above all to be seen with respect as a person who embodies dignity.

Up to this day it is no coincidence that the number of females entering the workforce has increased by one third ever since 1975, and yet this is only the beginning. Soon, if not already, roles which were believed to be uniquely female roles will now be shared and vice versa. Look, I am no feminist, and if you think of me like that, then I'm afraid you are wrong. I, on the other hand, do believe that any type of extremism is inappropriate in this day in age. With this post, I am just intending to enlighten you on how things really are.

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Now, the truly important question here is, should we embrace this new breed of woman or should we resent it? If she wants to pay the bill every once in a while should we feel offended? If she earns more money than we do should we feel we are less of a man? Look, I am not saying that you should stop being a gentleman and start treating women as if they were men, but yes I am advising you that you should embrace this upheaval of women and not resent it, you shouldn't be offended if her wish is to buy you a drink, and of course you should not feel you are less of a man just because she earns more money than you do. Why should you do all this? Well, for the simple reason, that you will very likely be better off. Depending on where you live, you will see that women around you will be transformed into this breed of woman I am talking of and if you do not change, there is a high probability that you will be left behind.

It is certainly a good purpose in life to leave this planet a little bit better than how we were brought into it and by evolving our way of thinking we are doing specifically that. Just like any other fresh start, I hope this 2011 will bring you enough time to reflect on your life and ideas, but above all I hope you will have the patience to work hard in becoming that better man you have envisioned all your life.
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