Top 10 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

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After making some arduous ground work alongside a hefty amount of internet research, I have finally come to the conclusion that these are the ten most attractive traits women find in men. When a woman envisions their ideal mate it is almost certain that they all share a few of the qualities in the list below. So pay close attention, and try and see if you can relate them with your own personality. Enjoy!
  1. A Quick Mind
    1. It is without a doubt that any woman would prefer to be with a person that stimulates her intellectually rather than someone who doesn't. It is much more attractive when a man comes up with something original to say rather than using an old-fashioned pick up line.  
  2. Confident Body Language
    1. "The total impact of a message is about 7% verbal (just words), 38% vocal (includes tone of voice, inflection, and other sounds), and 55% non-verbal." Need I say more?
  3. A Good Sense of Humor
    1. Not neccesarrily a 24/7 clown, but know that if you can make a woman laugh you are the bearer of a significant advantage over the rest. Humor can be found in everyday normalcy and you do not need to be telling jokes all day long. 
        A recent psychology study found that a positive mood can enhance creative problem solving and flexible yet careful thinking. 
    1. Being Spontaneous
      1. A certain dose of spontaneity keeps a woman on her toes. Not knowing what you will do next may intrigue her in wondering what exciting ideas are going on in your head. 
    2. A Good Lover
      1. Some may argue on the presence of this trait in the list, but I must insist that if a woman is not satisfied in a relationship, the likability of her looking for it elsewhere may increase. Seduction is not an easy task and by any means should it be treated with indifference. 
    3. Being Financially Independent
      1. I'm not saying being wealthy enough to buy your own yacht, but maybe at least to make ends meet by paying rent, bills, and food. Showing you are independent inspires security in any woman you meet. 
    4. Handy
      1. This trait is something that women love to have in a man. Not because they are not capable of carrying out a specific task, but because once in a while it is nice to see their man do things for her. 
    5. Being In Shape
      1. Imagine a woman you meet likes to go out dancing or hiking in the mountains and you can barely keep up? Exercise besides being a healthy habit is also something that will make you look good and attractive on the long run. 
    6. Being Well Dressed
      1. Now this may have an ambiguous approach, because fashion now-a-days pretty much depends on the person you are talking to. So as long as you are wearing something that looks nice in your eyes and adds to your level of confidence, then you are definitively on the right track.
    7. Attentive to Details
      1. By having this, you show that you are there with her and not with your head wandering somewhere else. It is a way of telling her that there is no other place you would rather be at. 
    8. Being Genuine
      1. Oh yes I had to do it, I added one more to the list, but only because I wanted you to pay a bit more attention to this last one. There is nothing worse than to see a man who looks as if he is trying to hard to be something he isn't. Whether it be to impress others or simply to impress himself, when a person is not genuine they not only struggle to inspire trustworthiness, but also they come off as the obvious phony. 
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    After writing this list and proofreading, I imagined if the title of this post were the opposite, as in the top ten things men find attractive in women, would it still be accurate? And surprisingly I think it would. So if this list does not fulfill your expectations, next time you come across a woman you like, contemplate the specific things you find attractive in her and see if you can relate them to your own personality and looks. Hopefully with this, you will now be on the lookout for specific traits that the woman you like might find attractive in you.
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