The Charm Behind Your Voice

Take a look at this 30 second video first:
Now, try to imagine this scene with the single difference that Mr. Craig now is the bearer of a high pitched voice. Would you still find his character convincing? Probably not. Will women still find him attractive? Maybe, but not as much as if he had a deeper voice. You see, and I will not get tired of telling you this but, "The total impact of a message is about 7% verbal (just words), 38% vocal (includes tone of voice, inflection, and other sounds), and 55% non-verbal." Yes indeed, your voice composes 38% of your persona when in a conversation.

I am not telling you to force yourself in changing your personality to try and become an undercover, international spy. What I am telling you is that the tone and inflection of your voice is just as important as the words that come out from your mouth. You must learn that the voice you produce coming from your diaphragm is far more appealing than the voice that comes from your throat. You can still be yourself with the unique pecularity of having a low pitched voice.

"Most studies have found that women find lower pitch male voices to be more attractive and judge them to be more dominant, older, healthier and more masculine (Collins 2000). Furthermore, women's preferences for low-pitch voices in men are greater in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle and when judging for short-term sexual relationships (Puts 2005), suggesting that low voice pitch, like other masculine traits, may signal mate quality (Folstad & Karter 1992)."

So there you go, pointers on how to become a more attractive man supported by scientific proof. As always, feel free to share your opinions on the topic. 
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