Compliment Women Effectively

There are many ways in which complimenting women can go wrong, with this post we will try to safeguard you from making such mistakes. Try to look at compliments as commodities, the more they are available, the lower their price in the market will be. Here are a few tips on the subject:
  • Try not to go for the obvious: Telling beautiful woman they are beautiful will not raise any extraordinary interest, for you are merely complimenting her genes. Instead try to delve deeper and compliment her particular taste and intellect, rather than stating what she has heard hundreds of times before. If you want to stand out, you have to be original.
  • Don't elaborate, but be specific: Imagine you just met this person, and you come up with, "The beauty in your eyes is as delectable as watching the infinite night sky, lavished with incandescent diamonds", what type of a reaction can you really expect? 
  • Never place women on a pedestal: By constantly complimenting her and being needy you are only showing her that you are not a man with options. Treat her like you would any other woman, and try to make your compliments come as a surprise. 
  • Compliments don`t always come as words: Listening to women is one of the most underrated compliments that exist. You are basically telling her that you value what she has to say in a fairly subtle way, from which I have still not met a woman that does not truly appreciate this. 
Remember, how you say things will make a huge difference on whether your compliment will be effective or not. If your body language does not come intertwined with your compliments then they lose most of their real value. Read our Psychology section for better insights in this topic. Be casual and calm and you will realize how your charm levels will go through the roof. Feel free to share your ideas with us. 
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