The First Date

Now, if this were an ordinary blog, we could well write our next post on the best places to go on a first date, but of course, and I hope you have noticed by now, we are far from being an ordinary blog.  By telling you which places you should go, when taking a woman out, would make us go against trait #4 in "The Top 10 Things Women Find Attractive in Men". So, instead of telling you where you should go, we will give you the tools to figure it out yourself.

First and foremost, I must stress trait #9 in "The 10 Things About Women All Men Should Know", women love surprises. She doesn't need to know all the details of where you are taking her, of course unless she needs to bring some special attire for the occasion. If you had going to a movie in mind, I guess this pretty much moves it to the back of your head for being so predictable. Try for something unique, use your imagination, and come up with something that will let you get to know your date in a nice and engaging environment.

There is a good reason why some men don't like asking for directions, aside from the fact that they do not want to show that they have lost control of a situation, and that is because, some men actually like getting lost. Why? Well for the simple reason that when you live somewhere and you always go to the same places you never really get to know what's around you, it's like living in a bubble. There are inherent benefits  from being well-acquainted with where you live. A man that knows his surroundings, knows where most of the romantic places in his vicinity are.

Be aware, that usually the best dates are low-cost, but require of an extra bit of effort (gray matter-wise). Think outdoors, think indoors, but above all think to connect. And remember no good date will be worth as much, unless you Make Engaging Conversation.

Feel free to share your ideas on this topic. 
Pictures via FreddyC and lavawspawn.
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