Make Engaging Conversation

As we continue in our quest in becoming more adept to relationships, we now move on to the important, yet deeply forgotten, realm of conversation. It seems that a certain thread for verbal interaction can be followed in order to get better results when in a social context. Be aware that the methods for that thread are more than one and the effectiveness of each will depend on how accurately you can feel a particular situation.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like or have been in a situation where you have connected with a person you just met? For those of you haven't, there isn't much science behind it, it can be easier as 2 + 2. It all takes place, when all of the sudden, you start opening up with this new acquaintance in ways you have rarely before in all your life, and to to your surprise, end up learning a thing or two about yourself.  

Here, we share with you some tips on that thread you can follow when you meet a woman for the first time:
  • Don't start off with serious, profound questions: Remember you just met this person and she will very likely not open up with you right off the bat. Instead go for something a little more casual like music, films, and her hobbies. Ask her if she had the chance to go anywhere in the world where would she go. Pay attention to the details in her answers. You can decide which direction to take the conversation depending on the type woman you are dealing with.
  • If you like the way things are going, go for deeper topics: Maybe not specifically asking her what is her take on the meaning of life, but more likely getting to know her better on a more personal level. Find out what are her goals and aspirations. What is she passionate about? Has she ever been to a city that blew her away the minute she set foot in it? By asking her these questions, you are getting her involved in the conversation, and that is definitely a good thing. 
  • Have her share memories with you: Take her back to that moment in her life when she felt safeguarded from the misfortunes of the world. Let her describe how it was to live back then. Does she believe in genuine friends? If she could go back in time and change something, what would it be? How many times has she fallen truly in love? Share your experiences with her as well.   
The best way to perfect your conversation skills is to practice. Be open to meeting new people when in a social environment, and never disregard anyone. Believe it or not, everyone has something worth sharing. 
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