The Meaning of Our Dreams

In order for us men to become that calm, casual, confident person, on a psychological level, we must enjoy of a certain degree of emotional stability. A man must be aware of different tools he may have to achieve such a feat. One of those tools, and a very important one indeed, is the interpretation of our dreams.

I have read the books of two important psychologist of our era, on their take of the meanings of dreams, specifically Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. In a nutshell,  for Freud dreams are merely "the wish-fulfillment of the subconcious", whereas for Jung they are "the self representation of the subconcious". Either way, we know we are learning things about ourselves that are inscribed deep inside of us. It is said that the best interpreter of any dream you may have is your own self. If someone wishes to analyze your dreams without knowing anything about you, it is very likely they are just offering you with some mild amusement.

One of the main issues with psychology is that you cannot prove on a broad scale, empirically, a particular theory. Still, it is possible to have a standarized process one can use to interpret the magnificent realm of dreams. When referring to such a process, instead of asking why did one have such a dream? ask, for what purpose? Here is a list of tips to provide some additional assistance:
  • Devise an effective method to remember your dreams: Have a small notebook or tape recorder on your nightstand to keep at hand for the second you wake up.
  • Pay attention to details: Everything means something in a dream, if you forget a particular detail you could be forgetting a great part of the story behind it. 
  • Use your intuition: After all, dreams come from inside of you. If you feel you have nailed your interpretation then you probably have, if not there is very likely something your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are not aware of. 
  • Be honest with yourself: Most people would prefer to live in denial than to reveal their true self. If you ever would like to grow as a person on an emotional level, you must have nothing but the truth. 
If you practice enough, you might even become an expert at understanding what lies in the bowels of your self. Be aware that not all dreams are as important as they seem. It is those recurrent dreams, one remembers throughout a lifetime that hold the key to the secrets behind our subconscious. 

Please feel free to share your opinions on this subject. 
Pictures via foureyes.
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