The Explanation of Beauty

Have you ever stood in the middle of an open field, looking at the sun set, contemplating the subtle symphony of figures and colors? Have you ever thought to yourself, why you can’t help looking away and fixate your eyes in relentless awe? Well, just like many other things we’ve written about before, here at The Perfect Male Blog, we like to find the science in things.

For this particular matter, we will address the elegant realm of mathematics. It seems that through this particular formula, beauty can be explained:
(a + b) / a = a / b
Where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are both lengths. Throughout the existence of time, many philosophers, scientist and artists have tried to find a way, to encapsulate why some things are more beautiful than others, and as history has taught them all, they have all reached this same pattern of a set of numbers. Coined The Golden Ratio, 1:1.61803, by the Greeks, phi can be easily found all around us. In nature, the growth of sea shells, the key facial features of a tiger and even in the miniscule proportions of an ant.

Result of this discovery man has taken beauty into its own hands and has mastered the ratio in a diversity of realms of society. In architecture, The Parthenon, The Great Pyramids, and The Taj Mahal are all good examples. The works of Salvador Dali, Mondrian, and Leonardo Da Vinci all show indices of having been aware of the implicit value of such use of mathematics.

But what about man himself? Are we also included in this delectable scheme of things? Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Vitruvian Man shows the ideal proportions a human body should hold in order for it to be beautiful. He delved into the length of fingers, palms, feet, legs and other parts of the body, forgetting one very important one, the face.

Dr. Stephen Marquardt, a doctor working in Southern California, decided to take on this difficult task and began to investigate. Once again the good old Golden Ration did not let us down. He called it the golden mask and found certain correlations like:
  • The width of the front two teeth in a supermodel’s smile is 1.61803 times the height of each tooth.
  • Take 10 golden triangles, arrange them with their sharp points touching, and you have a golden decagon, fitting perfectly within the iris of the eye, vertices neatly touching the rim.
  • Most pleasing faces have mouths that relate to the noses above them by once again this mysterious ratio.
Of course we do not claim that this man has discovered an absolute truth and you should now start claiming you know everything there is to know about beauty. We are merely sharing with you the works of a man, which might share a good part of the actual truth. Besides, we cannot help but wonder other aspects in life that some of us find beautiful and others do not, making reference to the old adage, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. It seems not everything can be explained using mathematics, at least not yet. For example, I personally find it beautiful how a glass breaking, looks in slow motion.

Do you have something you find beautiful that most people don’t?
Pictures via wonenownlee
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