The Psychological Effects of Abusing Pornography

If you go on Google trying to find some of the implications watching porn may have on your brain and everyday lives, it may be quite difficult for you to come across, other than vague representations of what these effects truly are. The reason for this is mainly because sex researchers have a hard time getting any funding, unless their study is specifically HIV-related.

It has been found that men, who are immersed in a world of pornographic fantasy, tend to be less inclined, as well as increasingly less able, to form lasting relationships. Ray Wyre, who specializes in sexual crimes, says pornography “encourages transience, experimentation and moving between partners”. “Pornography does damage because it encourages people to make their home in shallow relationships”, he adds.

John Paul Day, an architect from Edinburgh in his 50s which has attended meetings for Sex Addicts Anonymous for 12 years reflects, “Pornography is central to my own sex addiction in as much as sex addiction has to do with the use of fantasy as a way of escaping from reality. Even in my fantasies about ‘real’ people, I am really transforming them into pieces of walking pornography. It is not the reality of who they are that I focus on, but the fantasy I project on to them”.

This topic has even spilled over to hit shows like Friends. Check out this scene where Chandler and Joey have discovered they have free porn on their televisions and decide not to turn it off, for the fear of losing the channel. This may be the result of what over-exposure to pornography may cause. Yes, it’s funny, but also terrifyingly accurate.

Our job here at The Perfect Male Blog is not to tell you what you should and should not watch. It is actually to inform you, how what you watch may affect who you are. As the great Marcus Aurelius once said, “The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” Please share your experiences and opinions on this topic to enhance the value of this post.
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