The Aporia of Marriage: Studies in Favor and Against it

For those of you who do not know, the word aporia refers to the truth of a proposition for which there exists as much disputable evidence in favor, as there is against it. We have decided to put this word adjacent to marriage, given the highly argumentative levels this concept has reached in our society, in this day in age.

Here we have compiled a list of conclusions from a large source of different studies on marriage. With these, you can reach your own conclusions on whether you support the institution or not.

In Favor
  • “Exclusive and supportive relationships confer substantial mental and physical health benefits that grow over time”
  • “Nearly 95 percent of millionaire’s households are composed of married couples.” These are individuals who have married once and remained married.
  • “Children raised in intact families entered relationships without fear of failure gnawing at them. The children of divorce often sought partners who had been raised in stable intact families.”
  • “Single men had almost six times the probability of being incarcerated as married men.”
  • “Students who were living with both parents in an intact family had consistently higher reading and math scores than their peers from other living arrangements. Socioeconomic factors reduced, but did not account for this correlation.”
  • “On average, children reared in married-parent families were less vulnerable to serious emotional illness, depression and suicide than children in non-intact families.”
  • In a survey provided to single men, the 4 more important things they didn’t like was the loneliness they endured, restrictions on sex life, the self-centeredness, and the dating grind.

Against It
  • “One recent study suggests that a stressful marriage can be as bad for the heart as a regular smoking habit.”
  • “Single people who have never married have better health than those who married and then divorced.”
  • “The 50 percent divorce rate is really a myth. The 20-year divorce rate for couples who got married in the 1980s is actually around 19 percent.”
  • A recent survey suggests that 4 out of 10 people believe that the institution of marriage is obsolete.
  • “Men are 10 times more scared of marrying the wrong person than of never getting married at all.”
  • Since, for obvious reasons, the internet is plagued with studies in favor of marriage, we have decided to add some less scientific reasons:
  • Marriage is expensive. To the extent that last year only, Americans spent approximately $71 billion dollars on weddings, averaging around $28,704.
  • For some, marriage is just paperwork.
  • Marriage means you will be constantly compromising.

Be it a lack of evidence, or for that matter, sources, we would have to say that here, at The Perfect Male Blog, we support marriage. Of course, the good kind of marriage, where love and understanding are part of its foundation. At least until, a better institution comes along and is capable of replacing marriage, while still reaping its inherent benefits and minimizing the disadvantages.

If there exists someone out there who is against it, we might dare to say that the only reason they do is because they fear divorce. What we come to realize is that, the relationship and not the institution, holds the key to a successful marriage. The difficulties that marriage endures seem to be universal. The whole problem pretty much relies on the lack of affection that people withstand during these periods. Do not take our word for it though. This is an on-going debate, and we would obviously like to hear your opinions about this topic. Not only will you enhance the value of this post, but you will also enhance the minds of the readers who come across your ideas.
Pictures via Shizukana-Kamisori and AfternoonTurnsPink
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