How to Meet Women in a Bar

We have all gone through it. Imagine one night your friends ask you out for drinks. It´s been a long time since you have gone out and feel that it´s about time you meet someone new, someone who might well sweep you off your feet. A woman which you can have deep conversation and even share your ideas with. Imagine you go out with your friends and have all the intentions to meet this new person. As the night comes to an end, you realize you had fun, but with the only difference from your initial thoughts being, that the closest you came to talking to a woman was with an “Excuse me” on your way to the bathroom. Yes we have all gone through it.

We know this is a blog dedicated to scientific facts, though unfortunately the science behind meeting a woman in a bar is not really something investors are thrilled to fund. We do know, though that science is based on theories. And for a while now we have been playing down an interesting theory on how to meet women in a bar and actually end up having a conversation with your favourite option from the pack. We have tried it in different bars and with different types of women and if you apply the proper body language to what you are saying, it is sure to work out most of the time.

So this is basically what it is all about. Say you are about to enter a bar with your group of friends (it helps if there are some women in it). You look around to see if you find an interesting girl you would like to talk to. Let’s say you spot a couple of them. What you must do now, before you settle down with your group of friends in some corner far away, is to open a window of opportunity.

As your friends lead the way you go up to one of the girls you liked and say:
“Hey what’s your name?”

She will then answer her name, to what you then introduce yourself. You then smile or compliment her (as long as it doesn’t sound cheezy). And then you leave. Don´t let the meeting last more than 20 seconds. You can repeat this as many times as you want. If you do it enough, by the end of the night you can be the guy everyone knows in the bar.

By paying attention to their body language and how they responded when you first approached them, you can make your own conclusions of whether you think you might be interested in meeting this woman. No need of spending the whole night immersed in a conversation you weren’t particularly interested in, or for that matter ending an endeavour in a rude manner.

People usually like to talk to friendly faces. You have already broken the ice in an easy, non-intrusive way. What ensues, regards the matter of striking the right type of conversation (e.g. Making Engaging Conversation). The fact that you just introduced yourself and left, might leave this woman intrigued on why you decided to leave for your friends, and might even consider going up to you.

Be aware that you may use this method as much as you want, but your charm under all circumstances should be left intact. If you are to become a social person, you must understand that people have feelings, so you may want to consider their feelings as well. Never disregard anyone. Try to make all endeavours as amicable as possible and soon you will be the bearer of a great edge you will very likely value next time you step inside a bar.

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