Linda - The Scandinavian Intellectual

There Will stood in the middle of a bar, filled with the rambunctious chatter of a mob of people. He himself was just in high spirits and in the mood to socialize. He was immersed in conversation with a particular woman he had just met and to which he was struggling to maintain a fluent exchange of words. Will spoke fast and with an extraordinary gaiety, which to a certain extent exposed a slight suspicion from the woman he was talking to. After a couple of awkward minutes had passed, an even more awkward moment surfaced. The woman interrupted Will in the middle of his conversation and asked him,
“Are you on cocaine?”

Will smiled. He was dismayed by her lack of perception. The conversation had not been going well and his fondness for this particular person was unfounded, for which he decided to say,
“It was a pleasure meeting you”

The woman did not seem to care and continued with her group of friends. As Will turned around, it seemed as if he was, by cosmic coincidence, ordained to end the conversation there. He moved away only to see what the time and space continuum revealed before him. There she stood. A woman with short chestnut hair, light colored irises, and a skin as soft as the true essence of cotton. Will did not hesitate and spoke,
“Hello, what´s your name”
The woman smiled with her eyes and mouth and answered,
“I´m Linda”
“Where are you from?”
“I am from Sweden and you?”
“I´m from around here”

Will saw something in this woman which he could not rationally explain. All he did know was that he sensed in his gut, an inherent connection which existed between them. No matter what he said, he knew words were only a subtle means to an end. After a few minutes of mundane conversation, Will decided to ask her if she wanted to sit down some place quieter. She did not hesitate and turned to say a few words to the people she was with. She then proceeded to follow lead.

They descended to the first floor of the establishment. There were a few tables available and the music was not as loud. Will signalled toward a table in the corner. Linda sat down, Will went for drinks.

As Will approached the table with the glasses in his hands, he felt his heart throbbing as if wanting to leave his chest. Once he sat back down, he stared directly into Linda´s eyes, he did not say a word for a few seconds, she stared back into his.

For the moments that ensued they sustained a conversation on Einstein´s Relativity, the laws of gravity, life and Freud. It was as if throughout their lives they had invested all their free time in reading books in order to be able to have that meaningful conversation that day. Will even humoured Linda with a poem he had memorized a while back. All of this took place, as they both caressed each others Meissner´s Corpuscles.
“Have you ever felt that your life is like living inside a movie?” Will asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I don´t know, as if there were cameras surrounding us right now, filming this exact moment?”
“No, I don´t think I have”
“Well try to imagine it. Let´s just say that this, me and you sitting together, having a nice conversation, is a movie.”
“Ok” Linda replied intrigued.
“Well the thing is, I want to tell you something, but unfortunately the music playing in the background is not exactly the soundtrack I would like to use for this particular scene.”

Linda´s lips stretched upward. The pounding of Will´s heart became more violent. The conversation paced down. Words were coming out from their mouths, and yet the real source of communication came for their eyes and the smooth crashing of their skin.

Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours. When at first, they had been convinced by friends to meet  for some drinks, neither of them had the slightest idea that they would cross each other’s path. Suddenly Will´s brain was excited by a distant tune playing in the speakers above. He continued talking until he was certain that it was indeed the song he had been waiting for. He interrupted himself and with a brisk movement stood up from his seat. He swayed his body towards Linda and said,
“Now this… this is a good song.”

Finally, they culminated the connection since their eyes first met. And as Will´s lips gently touched Linda´s, something elevated him, as if the rush of excitement catapulted him into the high skies. They were both transported into another dimension. One where love, is in no need of hate, to be able to comprehend it entirely.

A kiss like this does not come very often in a person´s life. To some who are unwilling, it never arrives. They continued the rest of the night, sharing good ideas and soothing each other, only to realize that moments like these cannot last forever.
“I have to get some sleep, walk me home?” Linda said, as the music was being turned down and the place cleaned up.
“Ok” Will said as he stood up.

On their way back, they spoke about the music they enjoyed. They even felt the need to dance a song in the middle of the street. All the while, kissing for every chance they had that it felt propitious. Eventually, they made it to her doorstep. They stood facing each other and Will tried to think for a way to leave a lasting impression.

Once again, Will inclined his head towards her, with the only difference this time that he only left a peck on her lips.
“I rather leave myself wanting, for I do want to meet you again.” Will said wittingly as he started to head back. 

They exchanged a few letters after that day, but once again let it be the will of cosmic coincidence or, for that matter, disposition. Will and Linda never met again. What they experienced that night was to be inscribed into the chronicles of their most precious memories, and remain only as that.

Now then, do you think Will did the right thing by parting the way he did? Or do you think that if he would´ve done things a little differently, they might have seen each other at least once more?

Share your opinions on this story. By re-enacting real life situations and developing a critical mind, you become better at decision-making when it is your turn to play the role of Will, or Linda for that matter.
Pictures via abulfouf, Athlios and klagrace
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