How to Know When a Woman is Not the One?

This is a question not many of us ask ourselves when looking for that special someone. When we reach a certain age, it seems that experience has taught us to focus on the things we should be looking for in a woman. We think that by finding a woman that holds the qualities we value the most, makes this person by definition, the perfect match for us. Truth is, there are several things we don’t pay attention to in our relationships that we, most definitely, should when it comes to matters concerning stability.

We know most of our readers are already used to all of our posts being backed by scientific data, yet for this post we are basing our information on pure first-hand fieldwork. Here we have developed a list of things which tell you when a woman is not the right one for you. Feel free to disagree and share your opinions.
  • You constantly feel the need to prove yourself to her: When you develop an infatuation for someone, you fail to realize this. You are constantly trying to get her attention through your resourcefulness, intelligence, and effort. It seems as if the whole time you are thinking of ways in which you could be useful to her, even though no one is really asking for your help. And don’t get me wrong, any woman in her right mind, will take advantage of this. In the end, you will be left with a false emotion of success and she will reap the inevitable benefits of your assistance to her. A woman shouldn’t measure her love for you on a scale of how many favors you are willing to do for her.
  • You feel the need to define the relationship: Usually when there exists a good level of attraction between two people, there is no need to define where a relationship stands. Healthy relationships, in most cases, tend to develop naturally. When there is volatility in a relationship, like the constant breaking up-getting back together thing, expect for it to take place all throughout the existence of it. I am not saying that volatility is a deal breaker, what I am saying is that it may be emotionally exhausting to survive such a relationship.
  • You want to change something essential about her: Conflict is obviously something ubiquitous in any relationship. Any couple will agree and disagree on any given subject. This is not what we are debating here. Usually at the beginning of any relationship, we tend to overlook things that bother us about that particular someone. Don’t expect further down the road that these things will change.
  • You are scared of spending the rest of your life with her: It is of course normal that such a decision makes you nervous. I would say that if you are having second thoughts over a relationship, ask yourself, “Am I with her because I am afraid of being alone? Afraid I won’t find anything better? Afraid what people will say if we break up?” If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are definitely with this person for the wrong reasons. It would be better not to waste your time or hers, for that matter.
This, in no way, should be considered a definite list. To suit the Perfect Male Blog standards, we would have required having some type of research on which parts of the brain are excited for each particular situation mentioned above and make conclusions based on what we know of the brain areas that were excited. Since we do not have access to such studies, because they probably have not taken place yet, we give you this post on merely speculative grounds.

In the near future we will be writing a post for things you should look for when a woman is the right one for you. For the time being, be aware that the way movies depict the beginning of a relationship is not necessarily the healthy way. The movie industry tends to add plot twists in order for them to be more entertaining. Real life should be lived based on real life experience, not fictional movies.

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