What Goes Through a Man´s Mind When he is in Love

Women wonder it of their partners. Men wonder it of themselves. How exactly does a man know when he has fallen in love? How does he know when the undying need to cherish one another has taken over his entire self?

When a man is in love, he begins to treat his partner’s accomplishments as if they were his own. When a man is in love, he puts his partner’s happiness on the same scale as his own, because to him, it is all the same. When a man is in love, he finally understands the meaning of giving to others, because he is now able to grasp the magnanimity of putting others first.

When a man feels he is needed, he feels appreciated, but one must note the difference between feeling needed and a woman being needy. A man that feels needed will be there for his woman to console her when times are tough, as much as he will be there when something needs solving. A man does not feel needed when a woman needs everything done a specific way. He will not be there for her when her needs begin to become inconvenient for either himself or the circumstances they are in. And the problem surfaces when a woman realizes she is not having her neediness fulfilled; she stops needing her partner for things that actually matter, therefore leading her man to feel underappreciated, and to be more explicit, unloved.

One of the worst things a man can ever go through is to feel he is not good enough. He can spend an eternity in a relationship and never propose, if he simply feels he is not commendable enough. There is not one man on the face of the earth that enjoys failure. When men finally realize that it is ok to fail, only then will they gather the confidence to be the great men they can actually be. If only women more often told their male partners that they love them for who they are, rather than for what they can become, more often would they be having the caring and loving partners they always wished for. If only.

The fact that a woman supports his male partner for who they are does not specifically mean that she should feel ready to settle with what they have. For a man, a woman´s trust drives him to reach for even greater heights, even if he fails. He will stare at fear in the eyes and will try to defy odds. Whether he succeeds or not will be a matter of fate, but what we must ultimately be certain of, is that no brilliance was ever achieved without trying.

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Pictures via Elena-Elendim and oO-Rein-Oo.
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