Why Men Won´t Ask for Directions

Imagine one day you decide to take that well-awaited road trip you have been yearning for since a long time. One of your friends is driving and his girlfriend is going as a co-pilot. Your destination should have been reached 30 minutes ago and still you persist in driving and not stopping to ask for directions.

"I know where I´m going", the driver exclaims. "Just give me a second and we will be there in no time", he adds.

Meanwhile, the women in the car roll their eyes and think to themselves, "this is gonna take forever". They start getting impatient and begin to degrade the mood in the car to one which makes everyone annoyed with eachother. If only they had known.

Wherever you go, you still hear women wonder, "why can´t he just stop and ask someone for directions". Well, I´ll tell you a little secret, it´s got something to do with a man knowing he can solve his own problems without getting people´s advice, unless he outright asks for it. When a man is capable of solving a problem on his own without getting unwanted advice he feels accomplished, needed, and last but most important, he feels loved. When he isn´t trusted to solve the little things in life, he feels he isn´t trusted to solve the big things in life, therefore with time he will start feeling unwanted. Learn and understand this simple concept and your relationships will improve all around. 

While this post is mainly directed for women to understand what they do to men when they start offering unsolicited advice, it is also directed to our male readers to help them understand why they feel offended when they encounter such a scenario. Please share, like, and comment. We will like you if you do.
Pictures via RiotGearOnline and ssilence.
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