Women Don´t Need Solutions for Everything. They Just Need You to Listen

After a long well deserved break from the stratosphere of the cybernetic world, we are proud to tell you that we are back and with full throttle. Of course, the break has not really been a time for leisure. It has been a time for arduous research, observation, and testing. We have come back to you with one of the grandest misconceptions in the history of humanity when it comes to the social interactions of men and women.

For long, we have been misguided by the fact that when a woman comes to us sharing her sorrows and daily troubles, we as men are supposed to offer a solution to her; a way to lessen the burden of such predicaments. Truth is, all this time we have had it all wrong. Women mostly share these sorrows, not because they want you to help her solve it, but because she wants to have someone that feels for her. She wants to have someone tell her, "You are not in this alone".

But what happens if we do not know this and we continue being the man that offers solutions while she constantly shrugs them off. We as normal, causal males that we are, feel unwanted, therefore we stop listening, which is why women come to us in the first place.

For us men this sounds so nonsensical, because usually when we can´t figure out our problems, we isolate ourselves and think, whereas women need someone to talk it over with, just for the simple reason of having to share it with someone.

Learn this and you will have learned what boggles the mind of many men in the world! Hope you all had a Happy New Year!
Pictures via valerag and AKChan.
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