Top 10 Things Men Find Attractive in Women

Here at The Perfect Male Blog, we are not only striving to create the best man possible, we are also aiming to find the most perfect female for the men that read our blog. Most women haven´t the slightest clue of what men look for in a woman, and since many of our female readers have asked for it, we have gone out to the streets and have surveyed several hundred men in search for the answer of this mystical truth which boggles the mind of many. The question we asked was: What do you find attractive in women, other than their physical appearance? Please note that the order of this list has no significance. So here are the results:
  1. The Scent of a Woman: As much as men are visual, they also have a weakness for appealing aromas. It has been previously found, that men´s testosterone levels actually increase in response to a woman´s natural smell when they are most fertile, and not because of a particular perfume. 
  2. Swagger: In other words, confidence. Women find confidence attractive in men, well not surprisingly, men also find it attractive in women. The way they carry themselves, how they speak, and how they deal with adversity are all aspects of a woman´s swagger. 
  3. Altruistic: The ability a woman has to put people, other than herself first, is something very few human beings have, therefore as scarce as it may be, it is also found to be a highly attractive trait. 
  4. Has a Sense of Humor: To put it as simple as possible, men get bored of serious women. Men like a woman that can laugh about life, at a joke, or at an awkward situation. It´s obviously appealing to find a woman that doesn´t take life too seriously the whole time. 
  5. Genuine: It is true, there are some men out there that don´t really care if a woman is authentic or not. What we are sure though, is that those men don´t read our blog. Real men appreciate a woman for who they actually are. When woman become two-faced, men, as a matter of cause and effect, lose interest. 
  6. Is not Needy: Men like to feel needed, in fact that is one of the most explicit ways men feel they are loved. However, when women begin to require their men for every worldly task they can imagine, it is then and there, when a man begins to feel exhausted and slowly starts to step away. 
  7. Spontaneous: Men value this as much as they value any other trait on this list. Men enjoy being adventurous and appreciate when women are forced to step outside their comfort zone. Let this adventure be, going somewhere they have never been before to trying something they are usually not use to.  
  8. Takes Care of Herself: As obvious as this may seem, there are a lot of women who have no idea this is important to men. We understand this is highly time consuming and females may usually wonder if it´s actually worth it. Well it is. Men do not expect Jackie Kennedy every morning, but they do, at least, expect to see someone that cares about the way they look.  
  9. Passionate About Something: It is definitely attractive when women are driven. When they have goals in their lives. Of course, not so much that they neglect their other relationships, but yes enough to seek to achieve beyond knowing the latest gossip trend in Hollywood. 
  10. Brings Out the Best of Their Partners: A man that has a woman that brings the best out of him, the kind that makes a man want to develop his potential to the fullest, is indeed a very lucky man. 
  11. Great in Bed: Yes, once again, we included number 11. After all, this list would not be complete if we didn´t include it. Men find it important, that when in a relationship, they are sexually satisfied. So important, that they find their partners more attractive when they actually are satisfied. 
And so that is it. We hope we covered the general idea men have in their head´s, when they think of a beautiful woman. If not please feel free to comment what you think this list needs to be complete. Share this with your female friends, and let the world finally know what exactly makes the vessels in our hearts pump blood faster through our heads, our limbs, and through the rest of our entire bodies. 
Pictures via m0thyyku and oopnus.
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