Why is it sad to lose your Dad?

I recently lost mine. I cannot help to explain why I ask this question. This is not something you can just avoid thinking about. As any man is supposed to, he must deal with it.

The world is full of good men, but to find one exactly like your father is as difficult as finding a different planet with intelligent life. And as much as we mustn´t consume ourselves asking why we have not found intelligent life in the universe, we mustn´t wonder why, but more importantly for what?

It is sad to lose someone that understands you so well. How can there be a reason for something that is as common as a blue sky on a summer morning. The atmosphere is composed, in rough numbers, by 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen. Light may travel as a wave or a particle. Sound, on the other hand, travels as a wave of vibrating air. They are both electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic waves travel through space at 299,792 km/sec (186,282 miles/sec). And this is called the speed of light.

Light is a part of an electromagnetic spectrum we are capable of perceiving with the optical faculties we have been blessed with. Light from the sun may look white, but actually it is mixture of many colors. Colors may be described empirically as a variation of wavelength. As light moves through the atmosphere, it depends on its wavelength and the size of the things it hits.

The blue color of the sky is due to a concept described by an English physicist called John Rayleigh. This concept, which we will call the Rayleigh Scattering, refers to the process by which light moves through the atmosphere and most of the longer wavelengths of color pass through and the shortest is absorbed by the particles of nitrogen and oxygen. Long wavelength colors include red, orange and yellow. Shorter wavelength colors are blue and purple hence the reason the sky is blue. If you were out in space, or on the moon, the sun would look white because there is no atmosphere to scatter the sun´s light.

And now I ask again for what? If it weren´t for him, I would have never asked myself the question of why the sky is blue. I would have not become the man I am today and this blog would never exist to inspire the minds of the few who grasp it for its glimpses of rationality.

I am sad because I am human and I feel. Feeling is what makes us such a unique entity in the universe and we should never wish to waiver this resource. Embrace the feeling. Embrace the fact that you are here to make a difference, not because you have to, but because you should.

Pictures via youwatchme and WOD-Photography
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