Top 10 Things Men Hate In Women

The title of this post might come as a surprise to many of our readers, since this is not the type of content we usually post, but let's be realistic: Men and women have differences, it is by far better that these differences be known, rather that they remain uncovered in the depths of the profound labyrinth of the male psyche. 

Once again, we have gone to the streets to ask a pool of male respondents, "If you had to choose one thing, among all things that you dislike about women, what would you say that is?". And these were the results, in no particular order: 
  1. How women have the ability to complicate even the simplest of things: It is very likely this is not the first time you've heard this. Women tend to complicate things when they don't want something, but don't really feel comfortable sharing why, hence it is a lot easier to complicate rather than to explain. 
  2. Women's lack of confidence: How could it be possible that men appreciate a woman that does not appreciate herself? 
  3. Women who feel they know it all: This goes both ways. This goes hand in hand with the previous answer, a balance should always prevail. 
  4. Women's Obsession With Wanting to Change Men: Many women go into relationships thinking that all the minor defects a man has can be changed. And even though this might be true for some things, there is nothing more nourishing to a man than a woman who embraces him for his qualities, but more importantly embraces his imperfections to an equal scale. 
  5. Women's Jealousy: To some extent, jealousy can be a healthy thing to have in a relationship, unfortunately when this jealousy reaches lengths which hinder man's relationships to the rest of society, this ultimately hinders a man's ability to relate to their significant others. 
  6. Women who are too dependent: A man who feels trapped in a relationship is a man that will do anything in his power to grasp for the slightest trace of freedom. 
  7. Women who make choices for their partners at the beginning of a relationship: It is ok if after a few years of being in a relationship, a woman already knows what her man likes, but it's definitely not ok when women think they know at the early stages of a relationship. 
  8. Women who lack a feminine side: As much as a woman can be a tomboy, at the end of the day she is still a woman. Men truly appreciate a woman's femininity and scoff at the lack of it. 
  9. Women who fail at taking care of themselves: Very few men in the world will tell you that they fell in love with a woman without being attracted to her. 
  10. Women who are ONLY materialistic: For many men it is highly unattractive to meet a woman whose only goal in life is to acquire the newest Gucci bag or to travel for a weekend to the French Riviera. There is a lot more to life than what immediately meets the eye. 
As a warning, do not take this list as truth for every word. This is by no means a scientific study behind the things that men dislike in women. We, on the other hand, would love to know what you think? Is there anything you think this list is missing? Is there anything you disagree with? 

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Pictures via Temperate Sage and Ben Heine
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