The Father of Rock & Roll

Without a doubt, Chuck Berry is the single most important, far-reaching artist in the history of Rock & Roll. He is the most significant figure, regardless of race, religion or color that emerged in this genre. In his music, Berry took country, blues, and rock, with a daring witty teen  attitude and melded them all together.   He has influenced virtually every rock musician in the past century.

As the first artist to enter the Rock Music Hall of Fame, Chuck Berry brought popularity to a genre that was well considered the music of the devil in its early beginnings. His music is smooth and simple and has now progressed to be considered what Shakespeare did in his time for the canonical play. He relieved young people from their shackles and got them vibrating to the rhythm of his guitar strings.

Berry directly influenced some of the greatest legends to come from the Beach Boys, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and the Animals to countless others who covered his songs. Chuck Berry has rightfully earned the title of “The Father  of Rock & Roll”

"There's only one true king of Rock and Roll. His name is Chuck Berry." -Stevie Wonder-

Of all the early rockers, Chuck Berry was by far the most significant. He was really the first artist to exhibit many of the traits that would come to define the form. He featured his own electric guitar prominently in his music and was the first to notably put the instrument as the main cadence on his songs. Chuck Berry was also a showman: playing the guitar behind his head and between his legs, he also created the famous duckwalk. Furthermore, Chuck exhibited the highest degree of musical understanding. He was an outcast when it came to playing his guitar at recordings. Other artists at the time like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly relied on outside sources to supply them with content for their music.

Sterling Morrison, member of the group Velvet Underground, said: “I liked Chuck Berry as a guitar player. But I liked him better as a lyricist. There was a lot more depth there, and the rhythm of his lyrics was fabulous.”

“My mama said, ‘You and Elvis are pretty good, but you’re no Chuck Berry.'” –  Jerry Lee Lewis

At the time, most of the lyrics from early rock songs lingered on pop habits of endless modifications on self-evident romantic themes. Berry lyrics transcended and argued on the youth culture. His lyrics  helped break sexual taboos and rebel against authority.

Chuck had a rebel spirit, he didn't need to respond to anyone and no one told him what to do, like a true rock and roller. Keith Richard, the guitarist of the “Rolling Stones”, said he once got punched in the face by Chuck for touching his guitar. Even though many years after, they both  collaborated in a concert with many other music legends, where one of the greatest rock shows arose.  

Chuck Berry single-handedly shaped the destiny of music. He paved the way for rock and roll and for the rest of the artists to come. Not only in sound but also in his attitude.  If one song can sum up Chuck Berry,it would be his famously known single “Johnny B Goode”. The groundbreaking guitar riffs, rhythms, and solo are timeless. This song is like an autobiography of the man himself. Once it hits your ears, every part of your body will want to get up and dance freely... and we encourage much to do so.

Top 10 Chuck Berry Songs
-Johnny B Goode
-Sweet little Sixteen
-Roll Over Beethoven
-No Particular Place to Go
-Back in the U.S.A
-Brown Eyed Handsome guy
-Promise Land
-You Can't Catch Me

Top 10 Chuck Berry Covers
-Bruce Springsteen, “Little Queenie”
-Jimi Hendrix, “Johnny B. Goode”
-Wanda Jackson, “Memphis, Tennessee”
-John Lennon, “Sweet Little Sixteen”
-Elvis Presley, “Too Much Monkey Business”
-The Beach Boys, “School Days”
-David Bowie, “Round and Round
-The Kinks, “Beautiful Delilah”
-Simon & Garfunkel, “Maybellene”
-The Rolling Stones, “Bye Bye Johnny”
-MC5, “Back in the USA”

..and who can forget Marty Mcfly from “Back to the Future” rocking “Johnny B Goode” before anyone knew about it.

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