How to Handle a Bar Fight

It is the middle of the night and you decide to make your way into a quaint bar on the corner of a dark alley. As you come inside, your cologne and confidence happens to attract the attention of a few people seated by the entrance. You decide to take a seat and a tall, brunette bartender approaches you.

“What are you having?”
“Santa Teresa on the rocks please”.

The chill, mellow music collides perfectly with the rustic, wooden, low-light setting. After a few drinks, chatting with some girls and just enjoying the night, you decide to make your move on the girl you have set your eyes on. Just as you are walking through the bar, you bump shoulders with another guy.

This doesn't sit well with him, his alcohol intake overtakes his rational judgement and this triggers some prehistoric alpha male instincts. He starts laying hands on you and being confrontive.

What should you do?

1 The Best Bar Fight Victory, Is the One that Never Occurs.

Bar fights often occur for stupid reasons.  Adrenaline mixed with alcohol rushes to the brain, one guy quickly escalates the situation and you find yourself in the middle of a hassle. Stay calm, maintain a confident stance. Don't show you are afraid and try talking to the other person. Your first priority should be to avoid any type of roughhouse. Swallow your pride, be the bigger man, and apologize (even if it's not your fault). This might dissolve the situation and you can continue with the rest of your night.

2 Walk Away

If talking to the guy doesn't work, try walking away from the scene. With open palms , bring your hands to shoulder height  (this is also, to be ready in case he decides to attack), state that you don't want any trouble and start backing away from the scene. It is important to never turn around and leave him out of your sight, he might decide to strike you while you're not looking.

3 Assume a Fighting Stance

If you are still being threatened, assume a proper fighting position. Spread your legs to about shoulder width apart, slightly bring your dominant leg further away, and bend your knees a little bit. The goal is to maintain balance so you don't go to the ground. Close your hands into a fist, and bring your thumbs on top of your fingers. Keep your fists close to your face (this is to protect yourself) and clench your teeth.  An open mouth can lead to a broken jaw. 

4 Hit First.

If you don't see any way around fighting, be the one who hits first. Many times fights can end with one punch, so make sure your are the first one to hit. Aim for the jaw. If your opponent is not ready, the chances are that a first punch to the jaw might seal the deal. Bring the force from your feet all the way to your hand.

5 Bring Your Wild Animal Out.

Remember this is a street fight. You are not competing for honor or a gold medal. You are here to survive, anything goes. In many cases, people who don't know how to fight win because they unleash their animal side. So take your best war cry and charge the guy. Try to vary your attacks as much as possible, to prevent from being predictable.

Use your elbows:  One of the most lethal parts of your body. A hit to the face with an elbow guarantees great agony.
Knee to the groin: Instantly incapacitates your opponent.
Headbutt to the face:  Your forehead is one of the strongest bones in your body. A good headbutt to the nose can deliver some severe damage and pain.

6 Learn How to Defend Yourself

While the best scenario is to avoid getting hit, this is an impossible outcome. So learn how to take punches to minimize damage.

Punch to the face: Always have your arms up and close to your face. This will reduce the level of impact, Clench your teeth to keep your mouth sealed.

Punch to the stomach: Always tighten your abdomen muscles. Try to slightly stand on an angle so the punches land on your obliques and not directly on your stomach.

Don't be afraid of getting hit in non lethal body parts. The adrenaline running through your body will help you minimize the pain.

7 Leave

Once you have incapacitated your opponent walk away. There is no need to keep hitting, and making more damage.

8 Befriend  the Bouncer:

They say the best preparation for war is at peace times. There is no better friend in a fight  than some ex-army killing machines. Get to know the bouncers at the bar you constantly go and become friends with them.  They will come to your aid in no time.

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