The Science Behind the Perfect Text Message

As we are writing this blog we couldn't help, but gasp how quickly the world has changed. A few years ago, it would have seemed preposterous to write an article about how to write the perfect text. Back then, people might have said, “Text?, Why would I send a text when I can call”. Nowadays though, the more relevant question seems to be, “Call?, why would I call if I can text”.  As times have changed, so has our way of communicating with a prospect we are interested in. 

In the new book Modern Romance; author Aziz Ansari set to research the use of modern day technology and finding relationships. Aziz teamed up with Sociologist and Professor Erick Klinensberg, which conducted a large sum of focus groups, interviews, and experiments all over the world. This book gives great insights on the modern day society.

So let's say you end up with a number. Maybe you got it from a girl, after some small talk, as she drifted away. Or it was one of those good nights at a bar, where everything was running smoothly for you. It doesn't matter how you ended up with it, what you do next with this combination of numbers  can be the difference between a date or staying at home. 

Below is a list containing key aspects to take into consideration when asking someone on a date over text:

1.Talk about something you two discussed before.
There is nothing more appealing to a woman than a man who paid attention to the conversation they had before. Specially if its a someone she just met. This, not only helps the conversation to get going, it also might help as a starting point when you meet once again.

2. Be assertive.
Many times throughout this blog, it is stressed that women love guys that are assertive. This doesn't mean to decide everything for women. When it comes to asking her on a date, telling her a specific day and place, might show her your confidence and will definitely uplift your chances for a yes. 

3. Be funny

Women love guys that can make them have a good time, moreover it makes the whole ritual feel less awkward; but it is important not to force it. If you don't have anything you can joke about with her, it is better not try, leave it for when it feels natural.

4 Keep it Short

Once she has replied back, it is important not to drag the conversation. You don't want to smother her. Leave room for some mystery.

Try these pointers and let us know how it goes.

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