Will's Undelivered Letters

Dear adamantine porcelain princess,

The seasons have changed. The cold has turned to heat, with heat came water and later water turned to ice again. Back and forth, time and time again. And though this is proof that the earth is indeed not stagnant, there is none such proof that there is a force as mysterious as that which we call love.

Since last spring, I only have hope to rely on that you have not experienced even the slightest form of solitude. I, on the other hand, have experienced a very unique variation of it. The melody in music lacked the same impetus to inspire. A flower was indeed just a flower and the sunsets and sunrises were nothing more than an indication of time.

I thought of it as a phase. Little did I know that the shackles of society had finally taken its toll. I was indeed utterly blocked. It is a pity that in the process of discovery you also had a price to pay. For that I am so very sorry. I have proven, once again, the unrivaled reach of human stupidity.

The fact that you have allowed me to contemplate your delicate movements up close, shows how much of a better person you truly are than me.

As I have told you before and I shall tell you again: From the moment I laid eyes on you and heard you speak, exactly in that instant when all things that are beautiful in the world became less so, I discovered a more refined, unique form of beauty. Love, after all, is not just something transitory.

I dream and I hope that one day you will understand that what occurred in the past was nothing, but a stepping stone to becoming a better man for you. One thing is for sure though, if you ever decide to take me as I am, I would never consider giving you up, not even for one second. I have experienced what it's like and there isn't a shadow somber enough to describe it.
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